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Protecting the future of Caribbean women from domestic violence: Chinese community policing-maybe?

Early January, I signed up with several Caribbean island’s online news, and within days according to the reports six women were murdered across the region. From Trinidad and Tobago; Jezelle Phillips, Gabriella Dunbarry, and Pollyan Chunlesingh. From Jamaica,  Neville Sinclair’s after she tried to escape a toxic relationship, Shantel in McMaster in a Supermarket by…

Killing the living for the dead

It takes an extraordinary person to become a funeral director. Whether it be the preparation of the deceased, supporting friends and families to express their last respect, at a church, a funeral parlor, community center, or school during these trying times, this responsibility rests in their hands. Thirty-nine-year-old Funeral Director Wayne Nash, a local businessman…

Are cultural destinations becoming more difficult to reach?

A good reason to travel: Each new year some potential travelers will receive a pre-selected vacation destination whether unsolicited or subscribed. These global destinations are more than just great beaches, food and music. For many expatriates who have migrated from these places, some may not even be aware that their native land has these global…

What Dorian has taught us about The Bahamas and the Caribbean

After hurricane Dorian landed on Abaco Island on September 1, 2019, and a day later in Grand Bahamas as a category five hurricane with winds of up to 215 miles per hour; the damages amounted to about 3.4 billion, at least 70 deaths, and about 14,000 families displaced according to weather experts. Millions watch helplessly,…

The Chinese are coming, corals reefs are dying. What next, the mountains?

Modernization is important; but should it reiterate a nation of its once colonial rule where only the ruling class and famous get to write the rules. Several Caribbean islands and African nations have seen an explosion of Chinese businesses over the past decade. These investments may offer a path to better economic growth, but some…

Commentary: The complexities of rape victims’ cases in the Caribbean

A sexual assault alarm: Stuck in traffic on a commuter bus one evening heading home from work, I came across an article published on October 2, 2018, by the Detroit Free Press about two women raped in Jamaica at an exclusive hotel by an employee hired few days earlier. This sexual predator was once brought…

More men ought to recognize pink in October

Our health is more than once a year during October walk, run and wearing pink. It is supporting families who may have lost a loved one, still battling, or survived and to raise more funds for research to find a cure. Do you have breast pain? Do you have a lump? Nipple retraction, or skin…

Where is Johnny’s doctor? The medical uncertainties for being poor and sick in Jamaica

A balancing act: Medical care is ubiquitous as studies have shown that it is often routed in disparities along racial and ethnic lines. Becoming ill can get extremely dark quickly on these shores. This unexplainable death represents a common medical “guessing pattern” that have caused severe financial, emotional, and physical pains for families. Regardless of…

October is designated as domestic violence awareness month, did you know?

Beyond October: It was conceived out of a day of unity led by the National Collation Against Domestic Violence in October 1981 with purple as the official color. For several years I have participated in three miles walk/run in support of victims of domestic violence with members of the law enforcement community, advocates, treatment providers…

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