Community Engagement Initiative`


Giving back has always been fundamental to the core of his personal mission; especially  in poor and developing countries with disadvantaged students. His pragmatic approach is result-oriented that involves analyzing problems, conducting seminars and workshops.

As an agent of positive change; his team hands-on approach has helped numerous organizations, community groups, high schools,colleges and universities leaders to reach established goal(s) through building successful relationships.

As a dedicated volunteer, he has been supporting students to maximize their academic skills, identify challenges that include spreading awareness about sexual and domestic violence, child trafficking and exploitation, cyber-bullying, juvenile delinquency; the impact of substance abuse; stay in school and many motivational sessions to assist them in achieving their goals.

“Violence” is an everyday threat, and  the most urgent issue  for millions of the poorest people.

The number of primary-school aged girls not in school has increased in several poor and developing countries.

It is about 18 million world-wide according a United Nation report. We analyze serious issues and address them head-on

These Predators are in every communities. And Often times, they are Closer than You Might Think

We are always ready to Articulate and Unpack a Cogent Set of Intended Learning Outcomes to Understand these Issues; identify the warning signs, and ways to combat and help victims

One (1) in every three (3) women are survivors of sexual violence. One (1) in every three (3) men are survivors of sexual violence

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