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Organization Culture.
Work Force Focus
Managing Teams.
Strategic Clarity.
Balancing Work and Life.
Talent Optimization.
Learning Agility.
Identifying strategies for Effective Communication.
An outside-in connection concept.
Influence tactics and their relationship to leadership and power.
Emotional Intelligence.
Motivating and sustaining team performance.
Team building.
The importance of value in leadership

The myths and realities of sexual assault.

​Stranger versus non-stranger.
The re-victimization of survivors.
Anti-Violence Development.
Steps to help victims of crimes exercise common rights afforded  to them.
Challenges that victims  face
Responding to victims 
How to effectively serve youths  who are victims of crime.
Sexual Assaults and Human trafficking awareness

Domestic Violence awareness

Juvenile Delinquency-Youth Development

Building Trust Relationship between personality and leadership. Mediation.
Effective mmunication.
Effective Management
Resiliency for high school students. Diversion Programs
Pharmacology of Drugs
Managing Conflict
Substance Abuse
Reducing Criminalization of Youth Behavior
Stay in School Motivation
Culture & Diverse personalities.

We can build your workshop from any section of these topics

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