I have been part of the public safety/criminal justice/law enforcement community for over 18 years; including countless collaborations with various community citizen’s action boards devoted to creating safer communities while preparing the next generations of leaders.  

My first -hand knowledge and academic growth that includes, an M.S. degree in Criminal Justice Leadership & Management, an M.B.A – Global Management, and a B.S. in Economics / Finance including several certifications on many social science declines.

These hands-on experiences have given me the background knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge, which will enable me to make an immediate impact and help you to recognize that excellence is not an accident.

I’ve always wanted to use my experience as an agent of change in helping today’s organizations, community groups, high schools, trade schools, and universities, or individuals to reach established individual goal(s) through building successful relationships.

I am ready to Articulate & Unpack a Cogent Set of Intended Learning Outcomes, by working with you side by side to turn your idea into reality

I can’t  train you on how to become a public safety/law enforcement officer, but will help to expand your social awareness, what makes us different, recognize your challenges, distinguishing your strengths, values, to be successful.

Missing (1) platform was designed to be unalike others to impact at least one in any location. It is collective, real-world and engaging by giving you a different look at the way you see the world to meet the demands of tomorrow, and how to be prepared in an ever-changing environment.

My knowledge, expertise, and skills are central to my success in speaking to organizations, community groups, high schools, trade schools, and universities for several years. These workshops focus on how  to prepare with a positive engaged attitude toward the future.

My work is beyond what is the cost of the next project, I have been engaged with programs key to this undertaking; especially for young-girls in poor and developing countries to maximize their educational skills, and identify challenges in order to reach their goals.

Giving back has always been the core of this mission. I have been using my knowledge as a volunteer in leading discussions on many social awareness issues from child trafficking, cyber bullying, substance abuse, stay in school, to career development.

Not sure what you need, We’re always happy to talk about how we can work together. Call (888) 411-0166

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please feel free to contact me — let’s start the conversation.